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A little illustration for the New York Times Book Review.
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From Chongqing - Urban Rise
Tim Franco
"He liked her with long hair so she cut it short."
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listening to karen o and feeling terrible a lot of the time

First day at school, Gaza, Palestine.
"Statistically, a woman is more likely to be hurt by a man than she is to ever be eaten by a shark, hit by a car, be attacked by a bear, crash in a plane, or be bitten by a spider. When a woman expresses fear of any of these events, she is still seen as a rational person. When I tell people that I am afraid of swimming in the ocean because I’m afraid of sharks, they accept it almost without question. But, when I tell people that I’m afraid of men, that men scare me more than sharks and spiders and freak plane accidents all combined, I immediately lose their respect. I am considered elitist. I am considered sub-human."
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